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Simply better recruiting

The time has come to rethink the way in which we recruit people. To radically reposition ourselves in a modern way. What we need are solutions that support us in the best possible way and enable us to take our recruiting to the next level – without any extra effort or expense.

Active sourcing

Active sourcing allows you to take an active approach to your recruiting and contact your dream talents directly. To do this, you need a strong talent pool and a solution to help you find, select and approach your ideal candidates.

Passive sourcing

Your vacancies need one thing above all else: visibility. Reach the right talents any time and anywhere with powerful job ads.

Applicant management

Nowadays, talents expect you to show yourself in the best possible light during the application process. And you in the world of recruitment also benefit from consistent processes and smart automations.

Employer branding

These days, companies need to actively demonstrate what makes them unique. Employer branding is no longer a mere option. It’s a necessity.

onlyfy one

Comprehensive recruiting in one place – welcome to onlyfy one!

Truly modern recruiting is a sophisticated interplay of speed, visibility and individuality. It’s an intelligent combination of passive and active sourcing. And a solution in which all threads come together, in which all data and figures are available at all times. In one place, of course. Transforming recruitment from a tedious process into an exciting experience for applicants and recruiters alike.  This place is called onlyfy one – the first and only talent acquisition platform that enables users to experience this comprehensive and seamless take on recruitment.


Reach talents everywhere

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onlyfy one
Job Ads by XING

With onlyfy one Job Ads, you don’t just get maximum visibility on XING and a series of other relevant online channels. We also automatically send you suitable recommendations from a pool of more than 21 million talents who you can contact directly. This way you achieve maximum reach and attention. You can even reach talented candidates who are not actively looking for a job.

Your free access to selected applicant management functions also allows you to manage applicants fully automatically and in compliance with data protection regulations, right up until you successfully hire a candidate.

More about the Job Ads

Impress right from the get-go

Employer Branding Profile by kununu & XING

The Employer Branding Profile gives you two opportunities to showcase your company – on Europe’s largest employer rating platform kununu and the leading German-language career network XING.

This allows you to reach the right talents exactly where they are planning their professional future and thus sustainably increase your recruiting success. A strong profile helps you build, increase the reach of and optimise your employer brand. Provide authentic insights into your corporate culture by presenting company news and job descriptions as well as transparent employer reviews. And through this, you can showcase what makes you special as an employer.

More about Employer Branding Profile

Want to approach suitable talents

Formerly XING TalentManager

onlyfy TalentManager

With the TalentManager, you no longer need to wait for suitable candidates to come along – now you can simply go out and find the ideal person yourself. Exclusive recruiting functions make it easier for you to search specifically for suitable talents and helps you approach them successfully at a time that is guaranteed to be just right.

Take your recruiting success into your own hands and fill vacancies quickly and easily.

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A solution that searches for talents on its own. And finds it!

onlyfy one Bewerbugnsmanager Dashboard

onlyfy one
Application Manager by XING

onlyfy one Application Manager brings together the entire recruitment process in one integrated solution: from the search to hiring new employees. Win applicants’ interest with a positive candidate experience and improve your internal processes with intuitive workflows. Save time and improve clarity with intelligent automation and centralised control of all application and appointment processes. Active candidate recommendations from a pool of more than 21 million talents simplify the search for talents and meaningful data make your recruitment future-proof.

This is how the recruitment process practically takes care of itself with onlyfy one Application Manager.

More about Application Manager

You would rather select than search?

Formerly XING TalentService

onlyfy TalentService

With the TalentService, the onlyfy recruiting professionals take over the job-related talent search for you. Based on innovative algorithms and many years of recruiting expertise, we will find exactly the right talent for your company among the more than 21 million members on the leading German language career network XING. We provide you with suitable candidates for your vacancy. And you decide with whom you would like to continue the recruitment process. Active sourcing has never been so easy and fast.

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In the third quarter of 2021 alone, HAPEKO came into conversation with over 12,000 talents and our onlyfy one Job Ads were clicked 140,000x on XING alone.
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Laura Janßen, HAPEKO
Internal Recruiting and Human Resources Development, XING Key-User,HAPEKO