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Product scope

The onlyfy one Application Manager brings together the entire recruitment process in one integrated solution: from the search to hiring new employees. Win applicants’ interest with a positive candidate experience and improve your internal processes with intuitive workflows. Active candidate recommendations simplify the search for talents and meaningful data make your recruitment future-proof.

The onlyfy one Application Manager is ideal for companies that want to simplify and professionalise their recruitment processes. Whether you are still working with Excel and emails, or already have some experience of application tracking systems (ATS): the Application Manager offers employers a modern and unique recruiting experience and your applicants a pleasant candidate experience.

As of March 2023, the integration of both solutions in our Talent Acquisition Platform – the onlyfy one Application Manager as well as the onlyfy one Job Ads – makes it even easier to use both together. If you work with the Application Manager, you can now also purchase and publish onlyfy one Job Ads directly in your tool, without any interruption to your processes.

With the onlyfy one Application Manager and onlyfy one Job Ads, the Talent Acquisition Platform brings together two powerful solutions and everything else you need for your passive sourcing. Using the Application Manager, you can publish your advertisement extra conveniently on up to 900 online platforms thanks to multiposting. You also have the option of posting targeted social recruiting campaigns directly in the tool to reach specific target groups. If you also use onlyfy one Job Ads, then you can benefit from important reach on XING and other relevant online platforms. Enjoy a data-driven display on numerous online job platforms and social media channels.

onlyfy one is the first and only Talent Acquisition Platform that enables the entire recruitment to be in one seamless process. The integration of active sourcing, passive sourcing and efficient application management all in one place, makes onlyfy one a valuable partner for modern recruiting processes. To provide you with even better support, we are continuously expanding the options available on our platform: Starting in March 2023, onlyfy one is uniting two powerful solutions – the onlyfy one Application Manager and the onlyfy one Job Ads. Recruiters can use these products individually or together, allowing you to benefit from additional synergies and unleash your full recruiting power. In concrete terms, this means that you can achieve maximum performance in passive sourcing, take advantage of comprehensive functions for efficient and intelligent applicant management and enjoy a convenient portal to the world of active sourcing.

Our various plans are put together in such a way as to provide you with the best support depending on your needs. The Core plan gives your New Hiring a compact and basic design – whether that’s high reach thanks to a variety of bookable channels, automatic candidate recommendations, numerous functions for more overview of recruiting processes or flexible teamwork because you can register an unlimited number of users in the system. If you choose the Pro plan, there are additional options available to help make your recruiting fast, efficient and automated. Use this option to actively invite suitable talents to apply or to automate recurring processes once in just a few clicks and enjoy our diverse range of services. Opt for the Ultimate plan and you’ll be optimally equipped to get the most out of your recruiting process! Don’t miss out on exciting talent – benefit from twice as many messages to recommended candidates and make applying easier than ever with the automated WhatsApp chat or XING instant apply.

Product features

We offer a range of pricing plans, so that you can choose the right option to suit your recruitment needs. For further details see our Prices section. If you would like more information about our pricing models, please contact us.

One “user” in the onlyfy one Application Manager is one person from your team. With our Go plan, two users are included. That means you and one other colleague from your hiring team can work together in the Application Manager. You are a large team and want to be flexible? In that case we recommend Ultimate, Pro or Core for you. With these plans, there is no limit to the number of users who can work with the onlyfy one Application Manager.

A “job” or “job slot” means posting a vacancy in the onlyfy one Application Manager. For this active job, you can then allocate roles and permissions, set up an individual application process, create job ads with your own CI and reach jobseekers on more than 900 online platforms. Jobs that you have filled successfully are archived in the Application Manager and no longer count as active jobs. Our Go plan includes one active job. If you usually advertise several vacancies at the same time, In that case we recommend Ultimate, Pro or Core for you. With these plans, you can choose how many active jobs you will be able to work on at the same time in the Application Manager, by selecting the right level for your needs.

We offer a range of tiered options for the number of job slots. You can use the price calculator above to see the cost of our plans for 5, 10, 15 or 20 jobs. Of course, if you need more job slots than this – no problem, we will be happy to advise you in person on the appropriate level for your needs.

You select the number of job slots you need to ideally meet your recruiting requirements when you sign the contract. You can then use these slots on an ongoing basis until the end of the contract term. If you need additional job slots, you can book them at any time for the current contract term. You can only reduce your job slots at the end of the contract period, subject to the 3-month notice period. Otherwise, the same number of job slots will be renewed for the next term.

Automated processes have already become indispensable in many areas of working life. In your recruiting, too, you can use the onlyfy one Application Manager to define some time-consuming and routine processes in the way that works best for you, and have them completed automatically. Automate email functions such as confirmations of receipt, rejections or feedback invitations. For rejections or feedback requests, we provide best-practice templates you can use for extra convenience. In addition, define entire chains of work steps as required with a variety of triggers, conditions, and actions that you can run independently. In addition, you can combine individual conditions and thus streamline the recruiting process even more.

With onlyfy one’s Application Manager, you can prepare extensive yet customised analyses of your entire recruitment process. This allows you to maintain a constant overview of the most important KPIs and develop an understanding of the areas in which your recruitment process is already working well and where improvements can be made. Developed on the basis of best practice experience, the onlyfy one Application Manager provides you with the most important reports as standard for immediate use. This allows you to get started straight away analysing your processes and gaining insights into the following KPIs, among others: “Unfinished applications”, “Time-to-hire”, “Time-to-first interview”, “Application quality on different recruiting channels” and “Response rate to messages”. In just a few steps, you can also create completely individual reports in addition to these standardised reports, allowing you to go even deeper in your analyses and identify the critical points in your recruiting processes. The parameters can, in any case, be easily adapted to the structures and processes of your company. Specify for whom the individual reports are relevant. All reports can also be conveniently exported as printable PDF files or saved for further processing as Excel spreadsheets or CSV files.

Efficient recruitment work needs clear structures and processes. Different jobs require different procedures, so you will be able to use the onlyfy one Application Manager to configure your recruitment team and search parameters individually for each vacancy. Define the optimal recruitment process for each vacancy and link all the decision makers. Roles and permissions ensure that each team member has access to the relevant information and is thus always up-to-date. Best practice pre-sets further simplify the quick start of your recruiting process. This way, you can create transparency and make final decisions together to choose the best candidates.

Take advantage of the unique support that onlyfy one Application Manager offers for your active sourcing and get direct access to 21 million talents. For every vacancy you create, the Application Manager will recommend an initial pool of candidates immediately after you have completed your job description. These are selected for you using modern matching technology on the basis of various criteria, such as the required skills, professional experience and willingness to change jobs. See at a glance candidates’ current job and employer, other relevant professional experience, how they measure up in terms of the skills you are looking for and their overall matching score in %. You can also gauge their individual likely willingness to change jobs, which gives you an important clue for a successful approach. Did a particular talent grab your attention right away? If so, why not invite this person to submit an application? Depending on your chosen package, you’ll be allocated a certain quota of messages each month, giving you a fuss-free way of inviting exciting candidates to apply.

The onlyfy one Application Manager offers you more than 900 channels via which you can reach talents. By making use of smart social media campaigns, free job listings and convenient multi-posting, you can make a big impression in just a few clicks. You can also conveniently place high-reach onlyfy one Job Ads directly. The Application Manager lets you take a well-coordinated and wide-reaching approach to your passive sourcing, allowing you to generate a greater volume of applications and, above all, attract a pool of highly qualified candidates in record time.

Yes, our help centre has extensive information resources on best practices for dealing with candidates.

As a customer of the onlyfy one Application Manager, you have access to a wide range of onboarding and training content. Depending on the plan you choose, you will have access to training sessions, online courses, help articles, consultations and workshops as well as our personally supervised onboarding service provided together with our experts. We are also happy to offer individual consultations for your entire team as required. You can also find a selection of comprehensive training courses, articles and information material about employer branding, active sourcing, passive sourcing and applicant management in our onlyfy help centre.

Order process

You can purchase conveniently on account.

If you need to change the billing address for an account which has already been set up, you can do this through your account manager or our customer service team.

To place an order, you only need to provide your contact details and the company details. There is no need to provide credit card details when ordering if you will be paying on account.

You can purchase all product variants online. Here you can get to the order form.

No, you do not need a credit card to discover the benefits of onlyfy one Application Manager – regardless of whether you just want to start with our Go plan or decide to purchase the Core plan using our easy online order process.

You are free to choose the start date. The earliest date on which you’ll be given access to the product is three working days after placing your order.

As a company operating in the German-speaking region, we’ve always been subject to some of the strictest data protection laws in the world. We feel that it is our duty to protect all data to the best of our ability – by implementing all prescribed measures and even more beyond that.

You can find all further information about the processing of your data here:

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