With the features of the onlyfy one Application Manager you guarantee an excellent candidate experience

onlyfy one candidate recommendations

Convenient direct contact

At the touch of a button, you can invite candidates from a pool of more than 21 million talents to submit an application

  • Receive automatic recommendations of ideal candidates for each vacancy you create
  • Get the selection process under way immediately after creating your job ad instead of waiting an average of 14 days for the first applications to be submitted*
  • You don’t need a XING profile or an onlyfy TalentManager licence to contact your candidates
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Speed up your search with Talent Hub

Talent Hub is a large pool of talented jobseekers independent of the XING jobs network. It offers matching profiles that save you the hassle of searching manually. Then you can contact candidates that have shown an interest in similar vacancies.

  • You’ll be recommended talented jobseekers including those not on XING
  • You’ll reduce the effort needed to find great candidates
  • Talent Hub is free of charge with no messaging limit****

Stand out from the crowd with customised job ads

Especially when it comes to large job exchanges, it can be difficult to get your own ads noticed. The onlyfy one Application Manager offers an easy and intuitive way to create job ads that are tailored to your vacancy and target group, as well as to your brand as an employer. The Job Ad Designer gives you the freedom to create ideal ad templates — even without previous knowledge of design or programming.

  • Present yourself in a personalised, professional and consistent manner
  • Target the right talent with attractive job ads
  • Reduce the effort of creating ads and benefit from our combined best-practice expertise
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onlyfy one reach

Optimal reach for your job ads

Find the right talents with our excellent reach and optimal mix of more than 900 possible channels

  • Comprehensive presence through smart social media campaigns**, multi-posting** and free job listings
  • Possibility to place high-performance onlyfy one Job Ads conveniently from Application Manager***
  • Publish ads quickly and easily in just a few clicks
  • Efficient use of your budget and reduced costs


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Attract talent with a simple approach

Score points right from the start with a positive candidate experience and make it easy for jobseekers to apply to you. Mobile application via WhatsApp? Easy one-click-apply via XING? Thanks to the Application Manager’s straightforward options for applying and streamlined process design, you can attract suitable talent with a simple approach.

  • You inspire different age and occupational groups – whether Gen Z, apprentices or skilled workers
  • Generate up to 4x more completed applications than via other channels and avoid candidate withdrawals
  • Save time and manual work with direct transfer of candidate details
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Create efficient and transparent processes

Efficient recruitment work needs clear structures and processes. Different jobs require different procedures, so you will be able to configure your recruitment team and search parameters individually for each vacancy. Define the optimal recruitment process for each vacancy and link all the decision makers. Centralised communication allows all those involved to be kept fully informed throughout.

  • Roles and permissions ensure that each team member has access to the relevant information
  • Best-practice Pre-settings make it easy for you to start recruiting with onlyfy one
  • Create transparency and make final decisions together to choose the best candidates
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Automate your tasks

With onlyfy one, you can define some time-consuming and routine processes in the way that works best for you, and have them completed automatically. Define certain response triggers, conditions and actions, for example to send automatic reminders and messages to applicants. For rejections or feedback requests, we provide best-practice templates you can use. This automation increases your productivity, optimises your communications and allows you to concentrate on the really important aspects of recruitment. /

  • Automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks instead of having to complete them manually
  • Create process chains that organise your procedures and tasks in the way that works best for you
  • Ensure efficiency and professionalism, to offer an optimal candidate experience
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Learn constantly from analyses

Prepare extensive, customised reports on your entire recruitment process

  • Make the most of your centrally collected and GDPR-compliant data
  • Analyse applicant feedback, which you can request automatically during the application process and publish it on your kununu profile should you so wish
  • Build on your success based on key performance indicators and adapt recruitment processes in a targeted manner
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* NEW WORK SE, internal data, 2021/2022
** bookable separately and may be subject to an additional fee
*** The option to purchase onlyfy one Job Ads directly in the Application Manager is only available for online purchase for the time being. If you would like to purchase onlyfy one Job Ads offline, this is still possible via your personal contact – subsequently also publish directly via the Application Manager. bookable separately and may be subject to an additional fee.
****Within the framework of “fair use”, in accordance with point 5.4 of the applicable onlyfy one GTC