Employer branding – the cornerstone of staff recruitment

Double your exposure! The Employer Branding Profile gives you two opportunities to showcase your company – on Europe’s largest employer rating platform kununu and the leading German-speaking career network XING.

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Four reasons to use the Employer Branding Profile

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Higher visibility

Take advantage of the reach offered by kununu and XING, the most relevant platforms for job seekers in German-speaking countries, to attract the attention of top talents.

More suitable applications

Increase the cultural fit of your applicants by providing relevant insights into your company’s salaries, benefits, corporate culture and the ratings you have received.

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Greater authenticity

Present insights and transparent employer ratings to show what really makes you stand out as a company.

Valuable recruiting insights

Convert the findings from benchmark, content and visitor analyses into concrete measures for your recruiting strategy.

The Employer Branding Profile in numbers

3 out of 4

job seekers find out about potential employers on kununu & Co.¹


think that employer ratings are important when deciding whether to apply for a job¹


visits per month on kununu and XING²

> 7m

workplace insights (employer ratings, salary check, and Culture Compass) on kununu

The highlights of the Employer Branding Profile functions

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Multimedia profile design

First impressions are crucial.

Have a significant hand in shaping your image by showcasing videos, pictures and transparent insights into your company, presenting a selection of professional profiles and divulging information about the benefits on offer. Continue to whet the appetite of talents by regularly sharing company news.

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Advertise on competitors’ profiles

Additional visibility among competitors

Benefit from the lack of competitors’ ads on your profile and boost your reach by advertising on free competitor profiles.

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Employer Branding Measurable Success

Measurable success

Learn from your visitor data for the future

Who has visited your profile and what content did they click on? How does your profile perform in comparison to your competitors? You will receive detailed KPIs on traffic, visitors and content interaction, allowing you to draw certain conclusions and optimise your measures.

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The optimal basis – stand out from the competition


Boost your reach and reputation to the max

What our customers say about us

With onlyfy Employer Branding Profile, we can show what we stand for as a company in a transparent way. We use kununu and XING to increase our visibility and give new employees an authentic insight into our daily work in advance.

Jan Schengber, Köster
HR Manager

Throughout the application process, we’ve been receiving positive responses about our XING and kununu displays, proving that these profiles serve as a source of information and that people are actually reading the numerous reviews.

Lisa Ellerbrok, sevDesk
Employer Branding Manager

Our onlyfy Employer Branding Profile on XING has allowed us to significantly increase our reach. We’ve been able to boost the number of visitors to our profile by 795%, gain more followers and see a tenfold increase in the number of people who have specified us as their employer of choice.

Sabrina Reichert, Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart
HR Marketing and Recruiting, Team Leader

The honest feedback submitted by our employees on kununu has made us aware of strengths of Krankenhaus Reinbek St. Adolf-Stift that we were completely oblivious to. This has now given us the opportunity to really highlight and showcase these qualities during the recruitment process.

Fabian Linke, Krankenhaus Reinbek
Head of Personnel Management


You can use the free Employer Branding Profiles on XING and kununu independently of one another. The paid profile does, however, always include presentations on both platforms. This is the best way to showcase your company: your positioning as an employer on XING is highlighted even further by the authentic ratings submitted on kununu.

Your company profile on kununu is created when the first rating is submitted. In order to activate your own access to your free profile, all you need to do is specify your contact details. And, if you’re interested in reaping even more benefits and accessing further functions, you’ll also have the option of setting up a paid Employer Branding Profile.

BrandManager is a feature of the paid Employer Branding Profile. If you’re using the free version of the Employer Branding Profile, you’ll only be able to access basic functions of BrandManager.

Advertisements placed by other companies are displayed on your Employer Branding Profile if you’re using the free version. If you decide to purchase a paid profile, advertisements published by your competitors won’t be displayed on your company profile, but we will post advertisements for your company on the free profiles of your competitors on kununu and XING.

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¹ University of Innsbruck & Trendence, 2022
² XING, internal survey, 2022