FAQs for the Employer Branding Profile

Product scope

With the launch of our brand onlyfy, the only thing that changed was the name of the Employer Branding Profile. The range of functions of the two products remains unchanged.

With a paid Employer Branding Profile, you can play an active role in shaping your employer brand, give authentic insights into your corporate structure and receive comprehensive analytical insights on kununu and XING about potential employees who are interested in your company and about your competitors.

Compared to the free company profile, the Employer Branding Profile achieves above-average reach on kununu. A further advantage is the opportunity to advertise your own company on the free profiles of your competitors on XING and kununu, while no third-party advertising is displayed on your paid profile.

You can use the free Employer Branding Profiles on XING and kununu independently of one another. The paid profile does, however, always include presentations on both platforms. This is the best way to showcase your company: your positioning as an employer on XING is highlighted even further by the authentic ratings submitted on kununu.

Job Ads are not included in the product scope of the Employer Branding Profile. You can, however, purchase Job Ads separately and include them on your free company profile on XING and your paid Employer Branding Profile on kununu.

BrandManager is a feature of the paid Employer Branding Profile. If you’re using the free version of the Employer Branding Profile, you’ll only be able to access basic functions of BrandManager.

XING AdManager is not part of the product. You can, however, gain free access to XING AdManager for your company profile, allowing you to publish adverts and campaigns for your company news and profile. That’s how you can boost your reach and relevance on the platform.

You can purchase the “Top Company” seal and box separately here, provided you
meet the requirements. A paid Employer Branding Profile does, however, allow you to dynamically integrate your kununu score into your website and your digital signature at any time.

Your company profile on kununu is created when the first rating is submitted. In order to activate your own access to your free profile, all you need to do is specify your contact details. And, if you’re interested in reaping even more benefits and accessing further functions, you’ll also have the option of setting up a paid Employer Branding Profile.

No, your employees do not need to create a whole new profile. They do, however, need to specify an e-mail address for the purpose of verifying their rating and for the event that any follow-up questions should arise.

Product features

Yes. The evaluation period always covers the entire period in which ratings have been submitted for your company – regardless of when your paid profile was actually created. You can also view information about the visits to your kununu Employer Branding Profile here. All the statistics pertaining to your XING Employer Branding Profile and your posts as a company are available to view in BrandManager.

In this day and age, applicants take to the Internet to research potential employers. With an Employer Branding Profile, you have the opportunity to actively influence the public perception of your company through multimedia content and to comment directly on negative ratings – a luxury not afforded by other sites on the web.

The paid Employer Branding Profile on XING can be edited by up to ten XING users. Your employees can be added by administrators either as editors or administrators.

The company profile on kununu includes the roles of editor and comment user, which can be assigned to as many employees as you like. The user administration function is available to both roles, allowing you to grant or revoke access rights independently.

Advertisements placed by other companies are displayed on your Employer Branding Profile if you’re using the free version. If you decide to purchase a paid profile, advertisements published by your competitors won’t be displayed on your company profile, but we will post advertisements for your company on the free profiles of your competitors on kununu and XING.

You should respond to new ratings promptly. If you have a paid Employer Branding Profile, you’ll be notified of a new rating via e-mail within a few hours of it being posted. If you’re using a free profile, however, there will be a time lag of two days.

Yes, there are an extensive range of templates available on the kununu website. It only takes a few minutes to create your XING profile and involves you arranging a series of modular building blocks using the drag-and-drop function.

Take a look at our success stories to find out more about how other companies have successfully used their paid Employer Branding Profile and discover how you can motivate your employees to leave authentic assessments on kununu.

As an onlyfy customer, you have free access to our broad range of e-learning courses. A webinar introducing users to TalentManager is available here. You can also find a selection of comprehensive training courses, articles and information material about passive sourcing, active sourcing, employer branding and more in our help centre.

Order process

If you’d rather create free versions of the Employer Branding Profile on kununu and XING with a limited range of functions, you can use the following links. Click here to start creating an

Employer Branding Profile on kununu and here to create a profile on XING.

You can purchase on account.

If you need to change the billing address for an account which has already been set up, you can do this through your account manager or our customer service team.

To place an order, you only need to provide your contact details and the company details. There is no need to provide credit card details when ordering if you will be paying on account.

You are free to choose the start date. The earliest date on which you’ll be given access to the product is three working days after placing your order.

As a company operating in the German-speaking region, we’ve always been subject to some of the strictest data protection laws in the world. We feel that it is our duty to protect all data to the best of our ability – by implementing all prescribed measures and even more beyond that.

You can find all further information about the processing of your data here:

Based on the size of your company, we can determine your recruiting needs and calculate the price you ultimately pay, meaning that you pay exactly for the benefits that a company of your size can tangibly draw from our products.

It’s really easy to purchase the Employer Branding Profile online. Alternatively, all our products are available to purchase via our Support service.

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