FAQ onlyfy one

General questions

onlyfy one is the first and only talent acquisition platform that enables the entire recruitment to be in one seamless process. The integration of active sourcing, passive sourcing and efficient application management all in one place, puts onlyfy one at the heart of modern recruitment processes.

Onlyfy one provides intelligent support and actively suggests candidates, so that much of the initial work of recruiting is done for you.

onlyfy one is ideal for companies that want to simplify and professionalise their recruitment processes. Whether you are still working with Excel and emails, or already have some experience of application management tools (ATS), onlyfy one offers a modern, unrivalled recruitment experience for you, and a pleasant experience for your candidates. onlyfy one is the first talent acquisition platform to combine active sourcing, passive sourcing and application management, all in one place.

Questions about prices/costs/what the price covers

We offer a range of pricing plans, so that you can choose the right option to suit your recruitment needs. For further details see our Prices section. If you would like more information about our pricing models, please contact us.

One “user” in onlyfy one is one person from your team. With our Go plan, two users are included. That means you and one other colleague from your hiring team can work together in onlyfy one. You are a large team and want to be flexible? In that case we recommend Ultimate, Pro or Core for you. With these plans, there is no limit to the number of users who can work with onlyfy one.

A “job” or “job slot” means posting a vacancy in onlyfy one. For this active job, you can then allocate roles and permissions, set up an individual application process, create job ads in a dedicated CI and reach jobseekers on up to 900 platforms. Jobs that you have filled successfully are archived in onlyfy one and no longer count as active jobs. Our Go plan includes one active job. If you usually advertise several vacancies at the same time, then we recommend Ultimate, Pro or Core for you. With these plans, you can choose how many active jobs you will be able to work on at the same time in onlyfy one, by selecting the right level for your needs.

We offer a range of tiered options for the number of job slots. You can use the price calculator above to see the cost of our plans for 5, 10, 15 or 20 jobs. Of course, if you need more job slots than this – no problem, we will be happy to advise you in person on the appropriate level for your needs.

Order process

You can purchase on account.

If you need to change the billing address for an account which has already been set up, you can do this through your account manager or our customer service team.

To place an order, you only need to provide your contact details and the company details. There is no need to provide credit card details when ordering if you will be paying on account.

Online purchasing is now available for our Core products.You can find the order form here.

No, you do not need a credit card to discover the benefits of onlyfy one – regardless of whether you just want to start with our Go plan or decide to purchase the Core plan using our easy online order process.