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TalentList Core starts with a consultation with a recruiting pro. After clarifying your individual requirements, you’ll receive a selection of 30 talents that fit your needs within seven days max. You can then contact them directly yourself and initiate the next steps in the recruiting process. To ensure that your approach to candidates is successful, in addition to 30 free XING messages, you will receive professional message templates and a free e-learning programme.

The TalentList Pro will take you one step further: here we will also contact the talent for you and conduct an initial suitability interview so that you only have to make the decision in the final interview as to which talent you would like to hire. By then we have already checked their willingness to change jobs and any general conditions.

TalentList Ultimate offers the same advantages as TalentList Pro plus it supports you in two additional scenarios: when it comes to particularly challenging hiring activities, with an extended project duration of 12 weeks we will send you an average of 4-5 talents who are suitable and willing to change jobs. And if you want to recruit several candidates with the same profile at the same time, then we can send you up to 8 suitable talents in 12 weeks. 

Recruiters who already rely on active recruiting also invest a considerable amount of time in researching potential candidates. Thanks to onlyfy TalentService, you can either cover peak workloads or rely on our recruiting experts for particularly difficult talent searches. In combination with onlyfy TalentManager Pro, you also have the option of building your own talent pools with our TalentLists, meaning you can fill vacancies even faster and more efficiently in the future.

You receive a list of talents who are suitable for your vacancy at an attractive, fixed price – regardless of how many candidates you hire. You can find more information about our prices in our Price overview.

No, you can also use the service for the talent search without another product. onlyfy TalentService offers the perfect introduction to approaching candidates directly.

No, you will receive a list of suitable candidates and you can all start the recruitment process with all of them directly. The price always remains the same, regardless of how many talents you hire.

As operators of the XING network, it is very important to us to deal with our members in a professional manner. The TalentService team is made up of experienced active recruiters who draw on the expertise that we have within the company for approaching candidates in the ideal way. When interacting with talented individuals, they set great value upon presenting a company’s employer brand in the best possible light and thus making it stronger.

The TalentService team comprises experienced recruiters with extensive active sourcing experience. In a free briefing, they discuss their chances of success in advance with your personal recruitment expert and work together with you to flesh out your requirements. Only once that is done can you commission us and receive a guaranteed delivery. Based on innovative algorithms and many years of recruiting expertise, our recruiting experts will find exactly the talent that fits your requirements and your company from over 21 million XING members.

No. We provide the candidate’s XING profile, which we supplement with valuable additional information gleaned from a telephone interview in the case of Talentlist Pro. This enables us to guarantee a lean, GDPR-compliant process and means that neither you nor candidates lose any unnecessary time.

Publishing a job ad on the XING profile for onlyfy TalentService and on XING Jobs gives your company even greater visibility and reach. People who view the job ad can also be logged directly and their interest gauged by our recruitment experts.

Rejection management means extra work and is often perceived as tricky or uncomfortable. So we’re happy to look after this stage of the recruitment process for you. With a professional rejection process that shows respect to the people involved, our experts will ensure a positive candidate experience with your employer brand right through to the end.

Once your enquiry has been evaluated successfully, you can log in to the onlyfy TalentService website using your XING profile and enter the relevant information for the corresponding position quickly and easily.

Yes. We’re also happy to help companies in Switzerland and Austria to find suitable candidates.

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