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Take applicant tracking to a new level

It’s not just in your personal life that first impressions are crucial. Employers also need to show themselves in the best possible light during the application process. Ultimately, it’s a question of convincing suitable talents that you’re right for them.

Smart applicant tracking is called for – to make sure all applications receive a reply, to avoid time-consuming and unclear recruitment processes and inadequate communication with applicants.

onlyfy one helps you regain time and clarity in your recruitment thanks to sophisticated processes, targeted analyses and central applicant tracking throughout.

Make the right decision together

Clearly defined processes, a transparent allocation of responsibilities and efficient collaboration within the team are indispensable.

onlyfy one lets you optimise your recruitment process and job team for each individual vacancy and assign different roles and rights to different people.

This gives you greater transparency and process reliability.

Make applying quick and easy

Recruitment need not be complicated. Make it straightforward for jobseekers to apply to you and meet your talents halfway.

With onlyfy one, you benefit from a wide range of simple application options, e.g. via WhatsApp or XING Easy Apply.

This enables you to reach new target groups and find suitable applicants even faster.

Save time for the important stuff

The more complex and time-critical your talent search is, the more vital it is to automate time-consuming tasks.

onlyfy one lets you say goodbye to repetitive pointing and clicking and avoid potential sources of error. Enjoy the benefits of fully automated applicant tracking workflows that will make your day-to-day recruitment easier.

So that you can go back to focusing on what’s really important.

Get valuable insights into your recruitment process

The job market is changing, making it all the more important to maintain an overview of your recruitment at all times and recognise what’s worked but also identify future areas of potential.

With onlyfy one’s reporting tool, you can prepare extensive yet targeted reports on your entire recruitment process. Make use of preconfigured reports or prepare individual analyses tailored to your needs.

It’s also quick and easy to invite applicants to give you feedback, which you can publish on your Employer Branding Profile right there and then.

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Rely on examples of best practice

Recruitment is becoming increasingly complex. Picking the right strategies and methods for their talent search is a challenge for many employers.

onlyfy one combines state-of-the-art technology with extensive recruitment expertise. Use our best-practice presets and templates for various applicant tracking tasks to launch your own process in an uncomplicated and unconvoluted way.

Much more than applicant tracking

onlyfy one

onlyfy one is the first and only Talent Acquisition Platform that enables the entire recruitment to be in one seamless process.

The integration of active sourcing, passive sourcing and efficient application tracking all in one place, puts onlyfy one at the heart of modern recruitment processes.

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