Passive Sourcing

Reach talent anywhere, any time

With onlyfy Job Ads and onlyfy one


of XING members are actively or passively looking for a job¹

14,5 Mio.

clicks are made every month in XING job market²


At 92% of total traffic, job portals are the most popular channel for recruiting³

Targeted reach for your job ads

To attract highly qualified candidates, companies nowadays need to think carefully about where, when and how they are going to reach out to their target group. And what content they can use to stand out from the crowd.

Because it’s no longer acceptable for job ads to simply be a list of demands made of ideal talents. Instead, you should see your ads as an opportunity to put aspects of your corporate culture centre stage and thus highlight your qualities as an employer.

Find out here how onlyfy Job Ads by XING and onlyfy one can help you get more suitable applications through targeted reach.

More visibility through targeted reach

Besides career networks, online job boards are one of the most popular places people look for a job. However, many companies find choosing the right platforms a challenge.

With onlyfy Job Ads, you benefit from a data-driven display of your ads on relevant channels and social media channels.

So you can approach your dream talents in a targeted way.

Improve the cultural fit with relevant insights

It’s not just in your personal life that first impressions are crucial. Jobseekers also want to start understanding your values, your culture and everyday working life at your company from the moment they see your ad.

Make it easier for talents to gauge the cultural fit by incorporating your kununu corporate culture and employer ratings.

That way, you will find precisely those individuals who will stay with you for the long term.

Score points with mobile applications

Nine out of ten jobseekers prefer to apply directly on their smartphone or tablet.⁴ However, optimizing the look of an ad for mobile devices often takes a lot of time.

onlyfy Job Ads are automatically optimized for mobile use. They even make it possible for candidates to apply with just two taps.

Approach suitable talents in a targeted way

Two in every ten people have changed their job at least once because a company came straight to them.⁵ With passive sourcing, however, it’s not at all easy to reach and approach talents directly.

As soon as you publish your onlyfy Job Ad in XING Jobs, it will be forwarded by email to the best-qualified XING members. You will also get up to 20 talent recommendations from the XING network for every Job Ad.

Benefit from comprehensive recruitment

If you want to win over your talents, you need a comprehensive recruitment setup. In this context, strategic employer branding and approaching talents proactively are just as important as job ads.

Take advantage of the seamless interaction of our onlyfy solutions: With an Employer Branding Profile, you can boost interest in your Job Ads. Use TalentManager to learn more about who is interested in your ads and approach them directly and collectively.

Publish job ads in just a few clicks with onlyfy one

Anyone who wants to attract the right talents must know precisely how, when and where the relevant target group can be reached.

onlyfy one can do more than just applicant management. With just one click, you can achieve reach and visibility on more than 900 relevant job portals in the German-speaking world and launch targeted recruitment campaigns on social media.

  • Free reach on over 30 platforms
  • Post quickly and easily on over 900 additional job portals
  • Social media campaigns on more than 15 social networks
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