Success Stories

A holistic approach to success: how Ottobock won applicants with 360° recruiting

onlyfy 360° brings strong employer branding and recruiting solutions together in a single licence. Recruiters are supported by smart automation in searching for and finding suitable candidates.

– Fatriyani Fauzan-Magerl, Head of Recruiting & Employer Branding

“Vacancies filled in a flash” – only with onlyfy one Job Ads

We were able to fill vacancies extremely quickly with onlyfy one Job Ads. And without any extra work for Recruiting – and with more reach and more applications.

– Ines Palmann, HR Officer Recruiting

Modern and smart recruiting with onlyfy 360° Situation & Challenges

In the third quarter of 2021 alone, we were in touch with 12.000 promising individuals and our onlyfy one Job Ads received 140.000 clicks just on XING.

– Laura Janßen, Internal Recruiting and HR Development, XING Key User

PR for a profession: winning over young candidates für a career in auditing

There are many interesting candidates for auditing firms on XING – you just have to find them. onlyfy‘s 360° tools make this task a simple one for us.

– Dr. Magdalena Faulmüller, Recruiting and Employer Branding

Recruiting success in your own hands: active sourcing with the onlyfy TalentManager

TalentManager makes it possible to quickly and simply search and approach suitable talents – without a great deal of prior knowledge, tutorials and experience. Three permanent positions have resulted from fewer than 25 contacts – and that within just a few weeks.

– Lars Röttiger, Head of Development & Quality

Towards a future of digitised recruiting with onlyfy one Application Manager

onlyfy one Application Manager not only includes everything you need for organised, fast and digital applicant management. New standards are also being set with the automatic suggestions of suitable candidates and the Job Ad Designer.

– Sebastian Wöhrl, HR manager

sevDesk: gaining talented employees with successful employer branding

We constantly receive positive feedback about our presence on XING and kununu during the application process, which proves that the profile serves as source of information and that the numerous reviews are being read.

– Liesa Ellerbrok, (Senior) Employer Branding Manager

More than administration: convincing professionals of the benefits of public service

With the onlyfy Employer Branding Profile by kununu & XING we can showcase our unique strengths and improve the image of public services as an employer across all professions.

– Sabine Reichert, HR Marketing and Recruiting, Team Lead

Catholic hospital and modern employer – with employer branding!

The feedback we have received on kununu in particular has raised our awareness of Krankenhaus Reinbek St. Adolf-Stift’s strengths, which weren’t previously clear to us. We can now focus on these strengths specifically when we are recruiting.

– Fabian Linke, Head of HR Management

An HR services company that is open and treading new paths with a mix of active and passive recruiting

Companies are very open to new methods of recruiting because they realize that the old maxim ‘If people are looking, they will find us,’ simply no longer applies. Many companies are currently undergoing enormous changes.

– Silke Kurtz, Director & CEO, Employer Branding & Organisation Development

Finding the right people for IT consulting

Mercoline GmbH has been working with onlyfy for a number of years, placing onlyfy one Job Ads and creating an Employer Branding Profile on the kununu and XING platforms. Based on our past experience, it was as an easy decision to join the onlyfy TalentService. We thought, ‘Let’s try out something new together with onlyfy!

– Matthias Hüttner, Personnel Manager

Become the ideal employer for tax clerks with active sourcing

At first we were surprised by the speed and effectiveness of the onlyfy TalentService by XING – and then bowled over. It allowed us to activate the passive potential on the labor market.

– Andreas Lindebner, Head of Organisation and HR-Manager