Become the ideal employer for tax clerks with active sourcing

Situation & challenges

The law firm Dr. Schauer often supports its clients from the very first point of them intending to start their own business, and particularly offers its expertise and experience to healthcare professionals. The problem is that the company is desperately looking for tax clerks, but there aren’t many candidates looking for a job. This is making it increasingly difficult for the law firm to find talented individuals who have the necessary qualifications.

When it comes to HR, too, the law firm Dr. Schauer has modern systems in place and can therefore manage daily HR tasks with a small team. But to stand out on the market for applicants, the law firm Dr. Schauer needs to raise its profile as an employer and address candidates more effectively—and for this it has turned to onlyfy.


The solution onlyfy

The company has turned to onlyfy’s experienced consultants for help to find tax specialists and consultants in particular, and now uses the onlyfy TalentService by XING. With success! Simply addressing potential candidates in and around Murnau and Munich led to first contacts in just a few days. Once the first contact has been made, the law firm usually finds it a simple task to convince candidates that they are a great employer.

The excellent teamwork between Dr. Schauer and the consultants from onlyfy TalentService is characterised by open, equal and regular communication. This ensures that the specific requirements for the applicants are understood and fulfilled during recruiting. The onlyfy TalentService by XING has become an important tool in finding new employees and has leveled up the company’s recruiting.

Dr. Schauer Steuerberater-Rechtsanwälte Part GmbH


Company size:
120 employees


Dr. Schauer Steuerberater-Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB provides tax, legal, and business consulting, mainly for healthcare professionals.

Top successes of Dr. Schauer

20 %

reduction in time to hire


faster than traditional applications

First contacts

in just a few days

100 %

of positions filled with onlyfy TalentService

At first we were surprised by the speed and effectiveness of the onlyfy TalentService by XING – and then bowled over. It allowed us to activate the passive potential on the labor market.

Andreas Lindebner
Head of Organisation and HR-Manager

Conclusion & outlook

At the law firm Dr. Schauer, the future is all about employer branding. Competition is constantly heating up on the applicant market: Highly qualified candidates in particular have very clear expectations of their potential future employers.

The law firm intends to use the possibilities offered by employer branding to present itself as an employer that is one of the best in its field, including in terms of digitalisation, and has plenty more to offer besides. Potential candidates who want to change their employer would do well to consider Dr. Schauer when thinking of their ideal new employer.

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