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Situation & challenges

HAPEKO is an HR consulting company that stands out with its diversity. HAPEKO is an all-rounder, specialising in select sectors, and provides support for SMEs as well as global players in finding the right professionals and managers. In order to be able to fill the growing number of vacancies in future, too, HAPEKO is on a mission to refine its own employer branding and find the most talented individuals for its own company as well.

Because it is also becoming more complicated, simply placing job ads with the right keywords is no longer good enough. It is much more important that all steps from start to finish focus on the applicant. Candidates want to see more transparency in the application process. Their expectations of their (future) employers have also changed and can be demanded in the current market.


The solution onlyfy

With onlyfy 360° by XING, HAPEKO is harnessing the power of a comprehensive recruitment solution with extensive reach and also refining its own employer branding. The tools that this solution includes are used every day by HAPEKO’s employees, from looking for and contacting suitable candidates to managing relationships with talented individuals and placing job ads.

The interplay between onlyfy TalentManager and TalentpoolManager is particularly important for the HR consultants. With one initial targeted message using TalentManager, a long-term contact can be created with TalentpoolManager, thus enabling the establishment of a talent pool for the regions and sectors.

The interconnectivity between TalentpoolManager and onlyfy one Job Ads also helps the consultants to see whether the vacancy advertised is being seen by the right target group.

HAPEKO Hanseatisches Personalkontor Deutschland GmbH

Human resources consulting

Company size:
200 employees


HAPEKO is number one contact for professionals and managers in Germany. The human resources consulting company‘s specialty is establishing contacts between experts looking for a career chance and the right companies.

Top successes of HAPEKO


kununu score

100 %

recommendation rating on kununu

140.000 clicks

on onlyfy one Job Ads in the third quarter alone


to the employer brand

In the third quarter of 2021 alone, we were in touch with 12.000 promising individuals and our onlyfy one Job Ads received 140.000 clicks just on XING.

Laura Janßen
Internal Recruiting and HR Development, XING Key User

Conclusion & outlook

Putting ourselves in the shoes of talented individuals to figure out what motivates them is and will remain highly relevant. Constant optimisation of communications via the TalentManager is therefore a matter of course.

It is not only HAPEKO, however, that needs to understand the changes on the labour market and the current expectations, but also the customers. The consulting tasks therefore also include preparing customers for the needs and demands of the market. Managing expectations is the best prerequisite to making sure that companies and talented individuals can come together for the long term. HAPEKO wants to continue helping people to find the jobs that are right for them in the future.

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