Catholic hospital and modern employer – with employer branding!

Situation & challenges

As a basic and standard care hospital with around 1,050 employees, Krankenhaus Reinbek St. Adolf-Stift is facing the typical healthcare sector challenges: demographic change, shortages of qualified staff, and a carer emergency. But the question of positioning itself in terms of competition with other hospitals—and in the search for apprentices along with other sectors—is becoming increasingly important.

Although the shortage of staff in Reinbek is currently not severe, 15 career positions or surgical support roles remain unfilled on average. These are important personnel, without whom growth in the medical field is impossible.


The solution – onlyfy

Modern HR recruitment activities can only be successful with the right mix of recruitment channels. Discovering that successful recruitment only works with very good staff retention led Krankenhaus Reinbek directly to creating an onlyfy Employer Branding Profile kununu & XING. The Employer Branding Profile is the ideal method for establishing an emotional connection with potential applicants.

The hospital also benefits as an employer, including from employee feedback. It is happy to receive positive ratings but it is also pleased to receive criticism, because honest feedback highlights potential weak spots and where improvements can be made. And it is this potential that Reinbek has already been making the most of, because thanks to the findings made through XING and kununu, the executives and the hospital management are confident about trying out new ways to recruit and retain personnel.

Krankenhaus Reinbek St. Adolf-Stift GmbH


Company size:
1.050 employees


Krankenhaus Reinbek St. Adolf-Stift is part of the Elisabeth Vinzenz Verbund, an association of Catholic hospitals focused on quality and care in medicine and healthcare.

Top successes of Krankenhaus Reinbek

Almost 100

hospital staff were taken on


monthly profile visits on average

40 %

more followers on Employer Branding Profile


connection established with Employer Branding Profil

The feedback we have received on kununu in particular has raised our awareness of Krankenhaus Reinbek St. Adolf-Stift’s strengths, which weren’t previously clear to us. We can now focus on these strengths specifically when we are recruiting.


Fabian Linke
Head of HR Management

Conclusion & outlook

Krankenhaus Reinbek has already raised its profile beyond the region and established an image for itself as a modern employer. This has resulted in more applications and fewer unfilled positions. In 2019, almost 100 hospital staff were taken on—an unusually large number for a hospital of this size.

Instead of resting on the laurels of its work over the last three years, the hospital intends to keep pushing forward with its employer branding and HR marketing activities. And the benchmarks that it has its eyes on are not other hospitals, but other sectors. With its Employer Branding Profiles on XING and kununu, the hospital is already making the most of opportunities to raise awareness of its strengths as an employer.

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