More than administration: convincing professionals of the benefits of public service

Situation & challenges

Working for the city? Many people from Stuttgart will think of civil servants in the town hall when they hear this, not the many positions that the public service actually has to fill. From waste disposal to organising daycare places and accompanying construction projects, the State Capital Stuttgart (SCS) offers many services.

But despite employing more than 15,000 people, the largest municipal employer in Baden-Württemberg is basically still an insider tip, particularly when it comes to careers in the medical, education, engineering, and IT fields. Professionals from these fields are particularly in demand in Stuttgart–but not just in public service.

For jobs not in administration, there is fierce competition with renowned companies in the region and other public employers that also pay very well, which makes the search much more difficult.


The solution onlyfy

With XING, the largest career platform in the German-speaking countries, and the HR solutions provided by onlyfy, SCS is ideally placed to master the challenges it faces in recruiting staff.

By placing onlyfy one JobAds on XING, creating an onlyfy Employer Branding Profile by kununu & XING, and directly addressing candidates using onlyfy TalentManager, SCS has received more applications and filled positions with highly qualified staff faster. At the same time, SCS was also able to raise its profile as an attractive employer—and significantly improve the image of public service in general.

Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart

Public administration

Company size:
> 15.000 employees


With its broad range of positions, the State Capital Stuttgart is one of the largest employers in the region.

Top successes of Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart

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With onlyfy Employer Branding Profile by kununu & XING we can showcase our unique strengths and improve the image of public services as an employer across all professions.

Sabine Reichert
HR Marketing and Recruiting, Team Lead

Conclusion & outlook

With the right HR solutions, public service can liven up its dusty image and display its broad range of strengths on the market for applicants. After all, it offers well-paid positions with a secure future and location. And most importantly it offers jobs that are meaningful. This makes public service more interesting for young talented individuals in particular from all professional fields.

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