Finding the right people for IT consulting

Situation & challenges

With the new onlyfy TalentService by XING, onlyfy actively searches for and checks the qualifications of candidates for companies. But why? Isn’t the world already full of headhunters? onlyfy TalentService is different. The expert team gets in touch with the customer before recruitment starts and asks detailed questions.

It is incredibly important to find out as much as possible about

  • the company,
  • the department looking for staff, and
  • the team.

The briefing meeting in particular is unique in this format.

After just one week, the first qualified profiles were presented to Mercoline GmbH. After all, the more time representatives of the company looking for staff take for the briefing meeting, the faster and more precise the introduction of potential candidates who are genuinely intending to change employer.


The solution – onlyfy

For Mercoline GmbH, intensifying the cooperation with the TalentService is very much the current focus.

The reasons:

  • Precision in selecting candidates combined with speed
  • Excellent availability of onlyfy’s recruiters
  • Exceptionally reliable service
  • Honesty – the service only takes on jobs that can be expected to lead to success for the client: yes means yes; no means it’s not possible
  • Value for money 

There is one more prerequisite for recruiting success: The customer has to respond quickly to the candidates introduced to them. No feedback for a week is a no go, because these candidates have already indicated an interest in the company.


Conclusion & outlook

Return customers are a sure sign of quality. Mercoline has returned and will again be placing ads through onlyfy.




Company size:
51-200 employees


Mercoline offers professional consulting and software development for SAP and EDI. In order for this IT company to keep growing, Mercoline is constantly on the lookout for unusually talented individuals and creative geniuses.

Satisfaction with onlyfy TalentService


of onlyfy’s recruiters


in selecting candidates

After one week

qualified profiles


and long term cooperation

Mercoline GmbH has been working with onlyfy for a number of years, placing onlyfy one Job Ads and creating an Employer Branding Profile on the kununu and XING platforms. Based on our past experience, it was as an easy decision to join the onlyfy TalentService. We thought, ‘Let’s try out something new together with onlyfy!

Matthias Hüttner
Personnel Manager

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