sevDesk: gaining talented employees with successful employer branding

Situation & challenges

sevDesk automates accounting and finances. The intuitive cloud software frees up valuable time. The People & Culture team consists of 30 people from a diverse range of HR fields. One team in this group deals solely with employer branding.

As an SaaS company, sevDesk faces the special challenge of constantly finding new tech employees and convincing them of the benefits of their company. In order to be successful in the competition for these talented individuals, sevDesk regularly has to be willing to try out new things.

The digital channels play an important role in this. In addition to social media and business networks, Twitch is also used in order to offer insights into the everyday work, the product, and the unique culture. Communication with target groups takes place via the relevant channels.


The solution – onlyfy

Regardless of the sector, product or size of the company, it is important that potential employees are shown what they can expect from the company before the application process even begins.

With the onlyfy Employer Branding Profile by kununu and XING, sevDesk offers candidates insights into the everyday work at the company and the most important benefits are presented. “We know that we can attract candidates with our unique culture and our benefits—and this is what we want to show.”

All feedback on kununu, whether positive or critical, is received with gratitude. The aim is to constantly improve and that is only possible with honest assessments from employees and applicants.

The company has reached many potential employees in the past through the Employer Branding Profile on kununu and XING. Comments, likes and profile visits show that the right target groups are being addressed. sevDesk has created a professional company presence with its Employer Branding Profile.


sevDesk GmbH

Internet and information technology

Company size:
200 employees


sevDesk takes the stress out of accounting and creates room for creativity. The intuitive cloud software automates accounting and finances for the self-employed and small businesses.

Top successes of sevDesk


recommendation rate on kununu

Attract candidates

with unique culture and benefits


more followers on Employer Branding Profile between 2021 and 2022

Reached many

potential employees through Employer Branding Profile

We constantly receive positive feedback about our presence on XING and kununu during the application process, which proves that the profile serves as source of information and that the numerous reviews are being read.

Liesa Ellerbrok
(Senior) Employer Branding Manager

Conclusion & outlook

sevDesk knows that each talented individual is just that an individual, and they each have individual needs. That is why it is so important that the recruiting processes reflect this, as will the method of communicating with candidates on an equal footing. These are the most important elements of our recruiting. 

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