Bayerische Asphaltmischwerke

“Vacancies filled in a flash” – only with onlyfy one Job Ads

Situation & challenges

Bayerische Asphaltmischwerke (bam) is an indispensable part of the Bavarian economy. With five branch offices and the headquarters in Germany’s southernmost state and around 450 employees, the company is one of the leading asphalt producers in Bavaria. But even with such a strong regional player, the shortage of skilled labour is having an impact.

“In the past few months, we haven’t been able to achieve the typical results with job ads placed in the usual portals, or by using target-group-specific social media campaigns,” adds Ms Palmann. An important position remained vacant for a number of months.

As with many similar companies, recruitment is the responsibility of a single employee at Bayerische Asphaltmischwerke. Modern but simultaneously labour-intensive recruitment methods, such as active sourcing, are difficult to implement under these circumstances. That is why the company was on the lookout for a full-service recruiting solution – one that wouldn’t create extra work.


The solution – onlyfy

bam found what it was looking for with onlyfy by XING. onlyfy one Job Ads Ultimate, with its comprehensive reach and intelligent interplay between active and passive sourcing, was exactly the right package. “We were intrigued by the full package: the combination of traditional job ad functions, the automatic candidate proposals and the good reach on other career and social media platforms,” comments Ms Palmann.

The results achieved with onlyfy one Job Ads Ultimate speak for themselves: within four days, the first interesting applications arrived. After just one week, initial interviews were taking place. And after just 18 days, the vacant position had been filled. bam benefited from a fast process and was able to generate more visits to its job advertisements and received more applications.

“With onlyfy one Job Ads Ultimate, we were able to fill a position that had been vacant for a long time extremely quickly. And all without any extra work for us in recruiting,” recalls Ms Palmann of the successful start to the cooperation with onlyfy.

Bayerische Asphaltmischwerke GmbH & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft für Straßenbaustoffe

Manufacture of construction materials

Company size
450 employees


Bayerische Asphaltmisch-werke specialises in the manufacture of asphalt and offers customers across Bavaria a broad spectrum of innovative products and solutions.

18 days

time-to-hire for thevacant position

100 %

of vacancies filled with onlyfy one Job Ads





We were able to fill vacancies extremely quickly with onlyfy one Job Ads. And without any extra work for Recruiting – and with more reach and more applications.

Ines Palmann
HR Officer Recruiting

Conclusion & outlook

For Bayerische Asphaltmischwerke, it will remain essential to fill positions both quickly and for the long term. “We will definitely be using onlyfy one Job Ads to fill certain positions.”

One thing is certain: during times of labour shortages, the importance of a well-coordinated mix of passive sourcing channels will grow. bam agrees: “We have received the ideal support from onlyfy one Job Ads Ultimate with fully automated placement on a number of platforms.”

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