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> 50%

of candidates prefer to be approached directly by the company¹


talents would not have even applied to the respective company had they not been contacted directly²

Every 7th

position was filled using Active Sourcing in 2020³

Active sourcing has never been so fast and easy

95% of all companies admit to problems filling vacancies. For good reason. Because conventional recruitment methods such as Post & Pray simply no longer cut it when there’s a severe shortage of skilled workers. What you need these days are new, proactive methods. What you need is active sourcing.

We at onlyfy can help you with that: TalentManager allows you to search specifically for the right talents for your vacancy. And your search can span the over 21 million members of the leading German-speaking career network, XING. Alternatively, you can have the recruitment experts from TalentService handle the search for the ideal candidates on your behalf.

Find your ideal hire quickly and easily

Active sourcing helps speed up one of the key time-consuming activities in the recruitment process: waiting for the right talents to apply to the company.

TalentManager lets you filter and search through over 21 million potential candidates on XING – and then contact them directly.

Coupled with targeted recommendations and notifications about suitable talents, you can therefore make your ideal hire even faster.

Search (and find) in the right place

The success of active sourcing hinges on the quality of the talent database that you’re looking through.

On XING you can reach talents of all ages – from all professional groups and with different seniority levels.

TalentManager gives you exclusive access to this network. You are sure to find the talent you are looking for, and for every position.

Approach talents successfully

Although one in two talents prefers the direct approach, you also need to find the right words at the right time.

The smart templates in TalentManager let you send messages that are personalised despite being automatically generated.

Information on your talents’ desire to switch jobs also guarantees that you’ll catch them at just the right moment.

Make a note of interesting talents for later

A talent pool allows you to simply keep candidates in mind who don’t fully meet your requirements at the moment, meaning that you might have your perfect match for a future vacancy at your fingertips already.

TalentManager Pro enables you to create your own individual talent pool and get your hands on these suitable talents as soon as a future vacancy opens up, so you can fill it in no time at all!

You’ll have more time to spend on suitable talents

It’s not shortlisting, approaching or interviewing your talents that takes up the most time in the recruitment process – it’s finding the candidates who really fit your company.

TalentService can supply you with ultra-precise suggestions for your vacancy, giving you more time to spend on the talents who are the perfect fit. Active sourcing has never been faster.

Enjoy budget security for your recruiting

With all the advantages that Active Sourcing entails: the success, the time required and the associated costs cannot always be estimated 100% precisely in advance.

You always receive the TalentService offer at a fixed price: completely independent of how many talents you employ. Even more predictability for your recruiting!

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onlyfy one
Your convenient portal to the world of active sourcing

Making active sourcing part of your recruitment strategy in a sensible way takes time, resources and the right expertise. But maybe there’s a simpler way?

Yes. onlyfy one lets you integrate active sourcing quickly and easily into your recruitment process.

Get access to accurate candidate recommendations from over 21 million XING members in German-speaking countries directly in the tool and then simply invite your perfect match to apply.

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¹ Monster, Studie Social Recruiting und Active Recruiting (Study on Social Recruiting and Active Recruiting), 2020.
² Monster, Studie Social Recruiting und Active Recruiting (Study on Social Recruiting and Active Recruiting), 2019.