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of potential candidates don’t apply to a company they’re not familiar with¹


HR managers firmly believe that a clearly appealing employer brand will persuade more highly qualified talents to apply²


of jobseekers are more likely to apply to an employer when they see a transparent corporate culture²

Lasting recruitment success thanks to employer branding

Are the company and its values a good fit for me? The “cultural fit” is becoming a key factor for more and more people when they come to choose a potential workplace. Talents expect companies to show them openness, trust and appreciation and give them the opportunity to develop as people. And they want to experience these values even before they send in their application.

For employers this means that, without an authentic employer brand, they will fall behind on the job market. The Employer Branding Profile on the leading German-speaking career networks kununu and XING will help your employer brand carve out an authentic and visible online presence. So you’ll be able to convince the best talents of your qualities time and time again.

Find suitable talents who’ll stick with you for the long haul

Over 50% of applicants believe that good leadership skills, flexible working hours or a meaningful job are key when choosing a place to work. Many even see these factors as more important than the salary.²

The Employer Branding Profile lets you provide an insight into your company, your values and your culture. That way, talents know what you stand for right from the start. And you’ll always be able to find the right staff.

Gain reach for your employer branding

For a long time now, a company’s employer branding has not just been confined to their own website. Companies need to reach out to their talents in the place where they’re planning their professional future.

Over 62 million people³ visit XING and kununu every month. With your Employer Branding Profile on these channels, therefore, you’ll be showcasing your employer brand precisely where your target group is active.

Make your employer brand more authentic

74% of jobseekers⁴ use kununu and similar platforms to find out about a company before they apply. The employer ratings given there are seen as highly credible and, from a candidate’s point of view, are a key factor in favour of or against applying.

Create an Employer Branding Profile and leverage the high level of credibility that kununu enjoys. Use your ratings as a basis for developing an authentic employer brand and show your target group what it means to work at your company.

Leverage relevant insights to continuously improve

With employer branding now par for the course in many companies, it’s all the more important to know how you measure up against the competition.

More than 1,000,000 companies⁴ have already been rated on kununu. The Employer Branding Profile allows you to conduct some valuable benchmarking against your competition and thus optimise your employer brand using the power of data.

Discover the Employer Branding Profile

Employer Branding Profile by kununu & XING

With an authentic Employer Branding Profile on Europe’s largest employer assessment platform kununu and the leading German-speaking career network XING, you can reach the right talents exactly where they are planning their professional future and thus increase your recruitment success with lasting effect.

Discover the Employer Branding Profile
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