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of potential talents do not apply to a company they do not know ¹


HR managers are convinced that more highly qualified talent will apply through a clearly appealing employer brand ²


of job seekers are more likely to apply to an employer due to a transparent corporate culture ²

Sustainable recruiting success thanks to employer branding

For more and more people, cultural fit is becoming the decisive criteria when choosing a potential job. Talents expect openness, trust, appreciation and the opportunity for self-development from companies. And they want to know these values before they apply.

Conversely, for companies this means: Without an authentic employer brand, they will lose ground on the job market. The Employer Branding Profile on the leading German-speaking career networks kununu and XING helps your employer brand to have an authentic, visible online presence. So that you can convince the best talents in the long term!

Find suitable talents that will stay long term

For more than 50% of the applicants, good management skills, flexible working hours or a meaningful job are essential when choosing a job. For many, these are even more important than salary.²

With the Employer Branding Profile you provide insights into your company, your values and your culture. Talents know in advance what your company stands for. You will find the right employees long term.

Reach for your employer branding

Employer branding no longer only takes place on your own website. Companies need to reach their talents where they are planning their professional future.

More than 62 million people³ visit XING and kununu every month. With your employer branding profile on these platforms, you present your employer brand exactly where your target group can be found.

Increase the authenticity of your employer brand

74% of job seekers⁴ find out about an employer on kununu & Co before applying. The employer ratings submitted there enjoy a high credibility and represent a key factor for or against an application from a talent.

Use the high credibility of kununu with an Employer Branding Profile. Based on your ratings, develop an authentic employer brand and show your target group what it means to work in your company.

Use insights for optimization

Employer branding is part of the status quo in many companies. It is all the more important to know how you compare to the competition.

More than 1,000,000 companies⁴ have already been rated on kununu. With the Employer Branding Profile, you can carry out valuable benchmark analyzes with your competition – and thus optimize your employer brand based on data.

Discover the Employer Branding Profile

Employer Branding Profile by kununu & XING

With an authentic Employer Branding Profile on Europe’s largest employer rating platform kununu and the leading German-speaking career network XING, you can reach the right talent exactly where they are planning their professional future and thus increase your recruiting success long term.

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