Your six steps to “Yes”

New realities need new solutions. Yesterday's recruiting routines no longer reach people today. Our solution is called New Hiring.

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New Hiring in 6 steps

1. Represent the company authentically

Companies are now required to actively show what makes them special. Employer branding is no longer an option today. It is a must.

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2. Reach talents anytime, anywhere

In New Hiring, your job advertisement is a manifesto of your employer brand. Get the right attention.

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3. Address the right candidates directly

No other method offers so specifically exciting talents - and at the same time convey your values.

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4. Make the right decision

Saying “yes” to candidates is the highlight of New Hiring. We make the choice easy for you.

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5. Build a sustainable talent pool

Stay in contact with talents that have impressed you. This is how they become fans of your employer brand.

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6. Create reports to monitor success

Gain insights into your New Hiring through smart analyzes and reports – and continuously optimize it.

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Step 1
Represent the company authentically

Employer branding, i.e. making the employer brand visible, is no longer an option when recruiting employees. It is a must.

onlyfy New Hiring

What does it take?

A strong online presence is the cornerstone of your New Hiring. Impress talent at first sight and authentically show what makes your company special.

With the employer branding profile, you can do this on two leading career platforms in German-speaking countries – XING and kununu.

Benefits for companies

Insights on +21 million XING users

Give over 21 million XING users authentic insights into your company - and the opportunity to easily get in touch with you.

Better quality and quantity

A strong employer brand acts like a magnet - it makes companies more tangible for talents and therefore more attractive. This improves both the quality and quantity of your candidate pool.

Employees are happier and more loyal

A strong employer brand also has an effect on existing employees: it makes them happier and more loyal - and employees become brand ambassadors.

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Benefits for talents

Two essential need factors

A transparent employer brand conveys appreciation and an open communication culture - two essential need factors for job seekers in New Hiring.

Insights from + 4.3 million reviews

The employer rating platform kununu offers insights from 4.3 million ratings from over 543,000 companies in the DACH region - directly from applicants and employees who experience them. It couldn't be more authentic.

Talents only apply if it fits!

Talents check if there could be a match long before applying. They only apply if they really think it fits!

Step 2
Reach talents anytime, anywhere

Find the best talent quickly, smartly and in a way that saves resources. Reach potential candidates where they are. And offer uncomplicated application options.

onlyfy New Hiring

Find qualified applicants in no time

With onlyfy one Application Manager, companies set up their entire recruiting process. You can reach qualified applicants in no time at all – exactly where they are on the internet. You place job ads on numerous free channels and post with just one click on more than 900 channels and social media.

Thanks to smart targeting, you can always reach the most suitable talents for the job advertisement in the largest German-speaking career network XING with the onlyfy one Job Ads.

Get the right amount of attention quickly and get the first suitable applications faster.

Benefits for companies

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Maximum reach

This is how you draw the greatest attention to your job advertisements.

Resource-saving & efficient

You place your ads exactly where talents are looking for jobs.

Authentic employer brand

You convey your employer brand authentically through your ads and provide information that your target group wants.

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Benefits for talents

Fast and uncomplicated application processes

Today's talents want simple, fast and uncomplicated application processes. Apply with just one click or on your smartphone, followed by a seamless candidate journey – all this is possible with the onlyfy solutions.

Targeted display of job advertisements to users

With a XING profile, users only receive targeted job ads that really match their profile. Talents who are not actively looking for a job are also included in this targeting – this increases the chances for employers to use their strong brand to convince those who have not indicated a great willingness to change jobs. And thus find the right ones faster!

Step 3
Address the right candidates directly

Rely on the effectiveness of directly addressing your ideal candidates with Active Sourcing. With no other method you can respond to requests and questions so well - and at the same time present your company values. In a pool of 21 million XING users, you can see the willingness of potential candidates to change and you can even be notified as soon as a talent matches your search criteria.

onlyfy New Hiring

Active sourcing – that easy!

With the onlyfy TalentManager you have the opportunity to select the ideal person for your company from a pool of 21 million XING users and contact them directly – instead of waiting for them to apply to you.

Do you currently have no capacity for a personal direct approach? The team of experts around the onlyfy TalentService takes care of the search, the screening and the first discussions with the right candidates for you. All you have to do is: Select the most suitable ones from the list of pre-qualified contacts.

Benefits for companies

Determine cultural fit at an early stage

By addressing them directly, you can determine at an early stage whether the talent suits your company.

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Convince quickly and personally

Talents are in high demand and don't stay on the job market for long. Use the direct approach to quickly convince them personally.

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Benefits for talents

Fast and uncomplicated application processes

With active sourcing, users with a XING profile are contacted directly by companies with open vacancies. The talents can be happy about that! Because they were selected from millions of people - and can therefore assume that the company has already dealt extensively with their CV and their professional potential. So the job should fit well for the talent! The first meeting is therefore appreciative and opens up new perspectives and possibilities.

Step 4
Make the right decision

Saying “yes” to a candidate is the highlight of New Hiring! We make the decision easy for you: set up your own hiring teams for application processes and make your choice in solidarity, objectively and transparently.
And if it doesn't fit? Then communicate your decision appreciatively and, above all, quickly thanks to reminders and automatic cancellation settings.

onlyfy New Hiring

Better together

With onlyfy one Application Manager, you will never again forget to give your candidates feedback or a rejection. Manage and communicate together with your hiring team. Structured, fast and fully GDPR compliant.

Your talents can expect a smooth and fast application process – the core of New Hiring.

Benefits for companies

Transparent New Hiring process

Make your New Hiring process transparent within your organization. Manage and communicate together with your candidates – completely GDPR-compliant.

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Smooth candidate journey

Design a pleasant candidate journey for your candidates with a direct and quick decision.

Promising talents

Stay in touch with promising talents through your own talent pool. This is not only appreciative – it also enables you to fill future vacancies more quickly.

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Benefits for talents

Transparent process

Talents want a transparent application process with as much involvement as possible. Get to know the team or even get in touch with the manager? Great!

Applications from anywhere

In New Hiring, application processes are possible worldwide. Get to know teams on the other continent digitally in an uncomplicated way and thus get to know the corporate culture in advance? No problem.

Satisfied candidates

Candidates who are satisfied with the application process are multipliers for the company – and willing to stay in touch for potential jobs.

Step 5
Build a sustainable talent pool

onlyfy New Hiring

Build a talent pool

With the onlyfy TalentManager (Pro) you build up a strategic pool of potential employees for your future vacancies. This means you have the right candidates (including talented people who are not on XING) immediately at your fingertips when you need them, and you can fill vacancies more quickly.

Make a note of interesting contacts, view their current willingness to change or send exciting messages to your target group.

Benefits for companies

Stay in touch for future jobs

Keep in touch with people who have impressed you – and mark them for future vacancies. Keep them up to date for upcoming exciting jobs (also automatically), inform them at eye level about insights from the company and strengthen your employer brand!

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Benefits for talents

Application rejection = potential employees

In the event of a rejection, the “how” always counts. An appreciative, easily comprehensible “Unfortunately, no” does not have to be the end of the journey for candidates. Rather, it can be the beginning of a new relationship with a potential employer. Talents can remain in contact after the end of their current application process and be contacted directly again in the case of future vacancies that fit their profile.

Step 6
Create reports to monitor success

New Hiring is a strategic success factor for companies today. Technology is the key to achieving recruiting goals such as greater reach, more qualified applications, a shorter time-to-hire or lower cost-per-hire.

onlyfy New Hiring

Faster & better

Always get the right data insights from your New Hiring with onlyfy one Application Manager. Benefit from clever analyzes and reports that prepare your data in an understandable way. Optimize both your recruiting process and the candidate experience for your candidates – continuously and seamlessly.

Use your onlyfy Employer Branding Profile to strengthen your employer brand with these feedback insights. You can also use extensive statistics and benchmarks to measure the success of your brand on both platforms – XING and kununu – and receive relevant indicators for optimization and further development.

Benefits for companies

Support from intelligent systems

Intelligent systems support you in gaining perspective in the flood of data. They show blind spots and potential - and also how you can influence them.

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Benefits for talents

Feedback = open corporate culture

The opportunity to give feedback on the application process shows great appreciation and an open culture in the company. 76% of job seekers consider it important to read these experiences on employer reviews.


"New Hiring with onlyfy is a process that enables modern recruiting in companies.

New Hiring takes your processes and recruiting routines to a new level. For more sustainable recruiting, happier candidates and a better working environment.

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