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Awareness of Gen Z must be improved for all managers


Faster recruitment processes are needed, taking a max. of 4 weeks

Situation & challenges

Airbus does pioneering work in sustainable air and space travel for a secure and united world; this has made it a leader in the areas of defence and security in Europe. The company is continually working on innovations to offer efficient and technologically advanced solutions in the areas of air and space travel, defence and connected services. The Group has around 130,000 employees.

Within the framework of the “STEP” development programme, a multi-skilled group of five engineers and HR colleagues is working together on a project looking at Generation Z. It seeks to understand the current situation and also identify solutions for better attracting and retaining this group. “We were looking for experts with recruitment experience in a range of industries to work with us in researching how Airbus can bring Gen Z onboard and keep them,” commented Rajaa Sellak from Airbus Germany.


The solution – onlyfy

Airbus achieves success with onlyfy TalentService. “We were impressed by the expertise as well as the promise to deliver rapid results – and at a fair price,” summarises Alexander Klabes from Airbus Deutschland. The experts from TalentService quickly understood what we wanted to achieve and were able to begin their research.

The outcome: The experts from TalentService shared with us many exciting insights and concrete recommendations for action. “One important learning, for example, was that if you want to reach younger generations, responsiveness, consistency and good visibility are key factors in employer branding,” added Andrea Selva from  Airbus Germany. Having a rapid recruitment process is also highly relevant to this target group.

“We would definitely recommend TalentService. We had very positive results with it. The consulting team was very flexible and wiling to adapt to our internal processes, organisation and way of working,” comments Cornelius Walla from Airbus Germany.


Conclusion & outlook

In the next phase Airbus will be concentrating on two key topics in terms of recruitment: first, optimising the candidate and management experience, and second, developing an “early-career strategy”.  The results from the TalentService research on the subject of the “Gen Z candidate journey” provide a useful basis for this.

Airbus Germany

Air and space craft construction

Company size
100.000 employees


Airbus is an innovative pioneer and proven market leader in global sustainable air and space travel as well as associated services.

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