An HR services company that is open and treading new paths with a mix of active and passive recruiting

Situation & challenges

Iventa is one of Austria’s leading consulting companies in the HR sector. Iventa provides support for companies in finding the right candidates. The company’s employees use a mix of active and passive recruiting methods.

The situation on the labor market remains tense. That is why it will become more important for companies to reorganise and expand their searches to new recruiting channels. And this is where onlyfy comes in.


The solution onlyfy

Iventa relies on professional social networks like XING, for itself and its customers. “With onlyfy, we, and our customers, are in the perfect position,” explains Silke Kurtz.

XING offers a broad range of options that can be combined as needed by the HR services company. The search is supported by the personalised network, where contacts can receive company news and career opportunities.

Iventa Group Holding GmbH

HR services

Company size:
51-100 employees


Iventa is one of Austria’s leading consulting companies in the HR sector. To ensure its success, the company relies on new innovative solutions to fulfill its customers‘ needs as well as its own.

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Recipe of success:

hit all channeles


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of amasing products

XING network

leverages multiplier effects

Companies are very open to new methods of recruiting because they realize that the old maxim ‘If people are looking, they will find us,’ simply no longer applies. Many companies are currently undergoing enormous changes.

Silke Kurtz
Director & CEO, Employer Branding & Organisation Development

Conclusion & outlook

“For me personally, the recipe for success is to work integrated and to hit all channels that match the company and candidates,” say Silke Kurtz. Traditional recruiting methods such as passive recruiting still have their justification as long as they are not the only way to go. The market will continue to change and new recruiting methods will become even more important.

Silke Kurtz therefore calls on HR employees to stay curious. “If a company uses employer branding, all employees should support this because it is about the soul of the company and it takes blood, sweat and tears. There is no point in doing it just because everyone else is.”

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