Prices & versions of TalentService

delivery promise

Talentlist Pro

per vacancy


Highlights Talentlist Pro:

  • An average of 4-5 suitable talents who would be willing to switch
  • Delivery period: four weeks
  • Initial contact incl. prequalification of talents
  • Job Ad in XING Jobs
  • Rejection management of talents who have not been selected
  • With guaranteed delivery*


We will be happy to help you fill particularly challenging vacancies with an extended
term of 12 weeks for EUR 12,990.

Talentlist Core

per vacancy


Highlights Talentlist Core:

  • 30 suitable talents
  • Delivery period: maximum 7 days
  • Professional message templates for approaching talents directly
  • 30 additional XING messages
Talentlist Pro
per vacancy
Talentlist Core
per vacancy

Key Facts

Number of talents Ø 4-5 talents approx. 30 talents
Selection of talents
Pre-qualified through a screening interview with regard to suitability, willingness to change & framework conditions
Satisfy your requirements
Delivery period 4 weeks max. 7 days
Fixed price (regardless of how many talents you hire)

Service details

Briefing, including requirement check (60 minutes) 60 minutes 30 minutes
Talent search on the basis of innovative algorithms
Initial contact with talents Initial contact by onlyfy recruiting
Initial contact by the company itself
Provision of message templates and 30 additional XING messages
Prequalification on the basis of suitability, willingness to change roles and salary
Digital dashboard for direct access to talents
Personal contact

Further inclusive services

Job ad on the XING job market
Rejection management of talents who have not been selected
Weekly digital reports
Market insights
Final consultation, including market insights
Employer brand perception, reasons for rejection, etc.
Market analysis
Skilled specialists in your area, salary bands and competition

* You get at least one talent on your Talentlist Pro,
or we will take on your next TalentService project completely free of charge.